Can I Complete A Program And Continue My Current Workout Program / Running Routine?

Yes absolutely! Any prior commitment a Thincpro athlete has - (practices, scrimmages, games, existing workout schedules) - outside of one of our programs, is priority and we encourage all of our athletes to stay committed to their existing goals, and don’t let the programs have a negative impact! 

Running especially, is great for conditioning, but also strenuous on the knees, joints, and lower muscle groups. So I would see our golden rules of maintenance below, and follow them as best as you can, in order to reduce strain, fatigue, and prevent injury! 



1) Be sure to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water

2) Eat clean. Limit Starchy Carbs and Refined Sugars / Junk Food. Consume lot of clean protein, vegetables, and fruit

3) Make sure you’re stretching everyday and warming up/cooling down after each workout, training session, or game

4) Ice any sore areas a few times per day, and immediately after activity 


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